Monthly Archives: August 2010

Free once more…

The first time I left, I think I swore I wouldn’t go back. For years I searched for something with the same level of engagement. I tried dozens of others, only to get a few hours in and bored. For whatever reason at some point I made a conscious decision to stop trying to replace it, and just go back…

Having gone back a second time, and gone deeper than I had the first time, made it to the pinnacle, hit a plateau, and eventually achieve my target and then completely lose interest. A magnificently made game, one that consistently rewards time spent, provides you with others with the same interests, on top of a great interface that is to some a great endevour to build on it’s own… Min/Maxing, tweaking, alts…. sigh….

Regret, not really… DK with entire T9 tank set, T10 DPS set, current pvp high end armor and his 310 mount from a year of fucking holidays achievement… Shammy with T10 Enhance, Resto gear, machining top pvp armor… Professions maxed, alts… 76, 73, 60, 43, 43….

The crowd I ran with thinned before I did, from 10-12 to 4… I didn’t feel like making new friends, wanted no more of the raiding culture. Had the expansion come sooner it may have kept a bit of a grip on me, pvp was to be the new mountain to climb, having conquered the PvE game and finally killed the LK.

If you ever read any of the books, or have played the game, you know they write a good story. From day one of WoW back in whatever year it was (been almost 6 now isn’t it), it was all because of the LK, he was the driving narrative of the game, and was of Warcraft 3, which WoW proceeds… I honestly wonder how bad for business it will be for Blizz having let people kill that final boss… without digressing much further to the game, I for one have zero interest in Deathmaw or really much of the new story. Killing the king is as close to the end of WoW one could look for.

I stopped to write this cause in the course of cleaning up my computer, I have come across txt files all over the place, loot lists, gear lists, min / max crap… I got bookmarks, rss feeds, twitter follows, slowly being removed.

Thanks again for the ride WoW, wife certainly didn’t appreciate it, you caused some issues (well i caused some issues) 🙂 But I still have to say you are thoroughly engaging, I hate ya for it now, but was an interesting ride…