Welcome to my new maintenance page :)

Since it seems that all I ever actually post on rezgeek.com is that there is upcoming server maintenance, it should seem only fitting that the first post on the new host be exactly that. I am currently evaluating a move that would see my domains finally leave the confines of my basement hosting in an attempt to reduce my cable bill and electricity costs here at home.

As long as I don’t find any gotchas here in the next week or two I think it’s safe to assume that this migration will happen. If anyone happens to see this, that means someone actually hits my residentgeek.com domain (and is likely not someone I even know).

Hi 🙂

One thought on “Welcome to my new maintenance page :)

  1. Thomas figueroA

    You are not alone. We actually had the same idea. I was looking for your domain but, oops. It’s already taken. Want to start a computer repair co and I was watching greys anatomy and private practice with my wife. Thus, the resident geek. What the call me at work. Lol.

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