Some notes on mail.

So should you not have a proper SMTP host (or don’t want to use your internet providers’), you can also use as your SMTP (outbound) mail host, but you will need to tell it that you have to authenticate. Again user will be and the same pass as you provided for your email.

For those of you that used IMAP before, like myself, and were storing all your email on geek, you will find they didn’t come with you. I haven’t hammered out the process for myself yet, but you can still connect to the old server at

I’ll post later on with how I end up managing my mailbox from old to new when I get a chance to properly meld them together. My basic idea likely though is to have both my account on my server set up and my acct on dreamhost in the same mail client. From there I believe you could drag and drop folders from one host to the other (I don’t really recommend doing this)

The default mailbox size that I created for everyone is 250M. For us IMAPer’s that may not be enough if you store all your email online. I think maybe I”ll bump that out to 1G here shortly. On geek it was 512M, but if you made subfolders and moved the mail to that, it didn’t count towards your 512M.

Anyways, more work.