It’s always all about the email right… Sorry I know for some of you shit seems pretty fucked up (to put it lightly)…

I have not sorted my mail out yet, so I do not have a bunch of suggestions for you guys yet (never helps that my work vpn has my old dns information cached).

For you pop users, you are okay, everything seems fine to you. For us IMAP users, well lets just say all your folders and email is still on the old

As I alluded to below, you can pull all your email down from my server by making a new account and set the IMAP server as, using your old account name and password (hopefully u remember that). Then you will need to check the settings of your email client and sync them to your local hard drive.

I don’t really have specific help for that because it will really differ per email client, but I’ll see if I can’t post what I do in Thunderbird tomorrow and maybe look an finding some Outlook config information.

These things are never super smooth, but rest assured that all your email is safe and sound somewhere 🙂