Mail fixes

If you are an IPhone user with move to trash issues you will have to do this:

  • Goto Settings/Preferences
  • Choose email account info
  • Advanced
  • Deleted Email
  • Check settings for Trash.
  • You will want to either tap the Trash on phone, or Trash on Server depending on where you want your Trash stored (not that it should matter as you should be deleting your trash right?).

OLD IMAP ACCOUNTS (aka where the hell did my folders and my email go):

  • This will be different for each email client
  • You will need to create LOCAL FOLDERS
  • Switch your account settings to your old username/pass and connect via IMAP to
  • I’ve found folders may take a bit to come up, or you may have to close and reopen your mail client to get them to show up.
  • At worse, you may have to right click on your folder and look for a Subscribe setting. You may have to subscribe to a folder to get it to show up in your program.
  • Once you have them showing, you will want to copy them to your local folders. Make sure you pay attention to syncing your Sent mail folder too, if you client is like Thunderbird it may not be immediately obvious what is online and what is not.
  • Once you have sync’d to your local folders, you will probably want to go through atleast email with attachments and delete some of the old crap you don’t want any more. YOU MAY EVEN WANT TO DO THIS BEFORE SYNC’ING TO YOUR COMPUTER! Make sure to empty your trash after you’ve done this house cleaning.
  • Email by and large is small, except for attachments, so pulling your email from old geek will be fast if it’s just email, slow if there is alot of attachments.
  • Once you’ve got what you need locally, change your settings back to dreamhost. Then copy the folders back into dreamhost. Again, quick if there are no attachments, slow otherwise, so I do caution you to delete as much of your old attachments as possible, or be willing to wait.

Drop me a line if something else doesn’t seem to be working.